Ancient City of Bosra, (Syria) - Travel Guide

by Erik Schmuck, 1 year ago
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Take a tour of Ancient City of Bosra in Bosra, Syrian Arab Republic -- part of the World's Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats.

The half-standing ruins of this dark-stoned city rise out of the southern Syrian landscape.

Nearly deserted today, Bosra has a great deal of history from thousands of years of habitation by different cultures.

The city is at least old enough to have appeared in historical documents from the fourteenth century BC.

Early in the first millennium AD, Bosra became a part of the Roman Empire, which is the strongest influence seen at work in the ruins.

Since then, it has been the territory of the Byzantine Empire and the Arabs who swept in during the seventh century.

Among the ruined city's Roman and Christian structures, the fortified amphitheater is probably the greatest.

This deep, stadium-like building is mostly intact and gives a taste of what Bosra may once have been like.

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