4K LATVIA, RIGA OLD TOWN TRAVEL GUIDE VIDEO, Best Places To Go, Top Attractions, Best Things To Do

by Erik Schmuck, 5 years ago
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In my travel channel, I share my own trip videos from my journeys. Until now, I traveled around 40 countries and I produced 10.000 stock footage. I am professional traveler and videographer, working many microstock footage companies. In my youtube videos, I try to combine my stock footages by locations, cities and/or countries and try to show people what did I see and I experienced. This is my video blog, a videoblog without narration. I show people what to see, what to do, where to go, when to go, different activities, best attractions, main sightseeing places, famous sights etc. I try to choose happy travel music. Also I am a backpacker, so I travel very cheap. I like to interact with local people, indigenous lifestyle, view of daily life on streets, panorama scenes. You can also night life view. Nightlife parties, events, festivals in bars, pubs, clubs etc.. I am making kind of travel documentary. So these videos are usually travel trailer of locations and cities.

In this video you will see Riga's top attractions, Best Places To Go, best places, Best Things To Do. many landscape landmark scenery. You can see everything with walking tour. Most of my videos are outdoor exterior shots with people bar, cafe, restaurant, pub, coffee, drinking, drink, shop, on crowd crowded areas.

List of the best locations in Riga, Latvia are these: Old City Riga (Vecriga), Alberta Iela, Riga Town Hall Square, Jugenda Stila Nami, Latvian National Opera, House of Blackheads, View of Riga from St Peter's Church Tower, Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum, Vermanes Park, Central Market (Centraltirgus), Musee Art Nouveau, Pilsetas kanals, Riga Hotels, St. Peter's Church, Latvian Academy of Sciences, Cat House, The Three Brothers, Freedom Monument, Powder Tower, Riga Castle - Rigas Pils,

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