Bern, Swizerland: A Walking Tour

by Erik Schmuck, 1 year ago
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The capital city of Switzerland, Bern is historical and traditional. The city grew from a small medieval village on the banks of the river to become the larger city it is today. The curve of the street still follows the bend around the old city walls, which stand behind the structures that now hold shops and restaurants. The wonder of Bern, its astronomical clock, was built in 1530 and has kept perfect time ever since, running without the use of a computer.

Join us as Maya Floess from the Bern Tourism Office leads a historical walking tour of this Swiss town and learn more about Bern at

Music is "The Last Train to Koszalin" (ft. Kara Square, Javolenus) by Doxent Zsigmond via ccMixter (, licensed under Creative Commons
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